Introduction | Fear & Quotations

I put off starting this blog for much longer than I’d scheduled in my endless to-do lists scribbled with militant intent and precision purely due to fear of being crap at it. I am one of the ill-fated 21st century creatures of neurosis with flighty bouts of perfectionist unease. Perfectionism is the step-twin-uncle of fear in case you didn’t get the memo. Yes ‘step twin uncle’ is not a real ‘thing’ – made you wonder for a nanosecond though. Ha! Veering back to the exposition at hand, my submission is that this journey on this blog, of sharing my dalliance with my passion – writing, is a detour from my usual self in a lot of ways. It unnerves me but i realize that I can’t spend my life on the side lines and not risk doing and being awesome/shit at something I love.

After all , the wise Samuel Beckett did say ‘Ever tried, Ever failed? No matter, Try again, Fail again, Fail better.’So the worst that could happen is that I fail- get writers block, get told that the quality of my writing is abhorrent, never connect with my audience as an artist etc  Is that so bad? *whispers an unconvincing ‘no’ whilst distraughtly staring out of imaginary window, blinking away imaginary tears* Damn you, Samuel Beckett! The truth is I have nothing to lose (except my dignity which six tequila shots coupled with that needy-psycho chick side of me are competent enough to dispose of anyway) so I have to try to excel. JK Rowling expressed it thus

 ‘Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve. I was determined to try because frankly my life was such a mess at this point. What…what was the worst that could happen? Everyone turn me down? Big deal’.

I’ve hit that  level of resignation at this point and there is honestly not much I love more than exploring words and how intricate, complex, powerful and sensual they can be. And on that note I welcome you (with wide arms, bear hug, air kisses, fist pump, ghetto handshake…?) to my blog. My hope with this is to improve and publicise my prose and poetry, communicate it with honesty in terms of my personality and artistic inclinations, wit, humour and awkward intensity. *licks entire palm and stretches it forward for handshake complete with creepy wink*

Finally, I’ll leave you with a final and my actual favourite quotation


Ps: my humour and content are not for everyone. Inevitable fact. If it’s not for you, dance away gracefully like a swan…high on horse tranquillizers…doing the ‘Macarena’ *shrugs*




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