waltzSeven favourite things from the past month
1. BOOK FAVE– I must confess I read less books in September than any other month this year simply because I had my bar finals mid-August and the moment those were over all I wanted to do was sleep, catchup up on the copious tv series I had missed, see films, go to art exhibitions,gigs , execute my healthy diet and work out regimen *cough*and just chill out. Law exams really do screw with the otherwise avid readers tolerance for the written word. I really did not read much worthy of note however on a lagos-abuja flight I did read the entirety of ‘Even the stars look lonesome’ by Maya Angelou. It’s a small collection of quite personal essays and dazzlingly well written as you’d expect (kai, ive started again with this my adverb addiction again).I admire this woman a great deal and not just for her staggering literary talent.
2. FILM FAVE – I didn’t go to a mainstream cinema once this month oddly enough so all the films I saw were in independent cinemas and on flights or tv. ‘Take This Waltz’ which I saw with my sister at the Curzon Cinema in Soho, London stands out because it’s the last film I saw with my sis a few days before she moved to America- we have a bit of a tradition with indie cinemas.It was also a solid performance by Michelle Williams.I’ve come to find that films are so much better when you’re sipping on a chilled Peroni :) The film is about a happily married woman who meets an interesting guy with whom she has a connection and what happens when one is dissatisfied with a perfectly fine marriage.
3. TV SERIES FAVE-far too many to choose a single favourite from. Mind you this is more than I watch normally. I caught up on some and started some from scratch. quick run through –
SCANDAL(i love shows with a political backdrop and this ones a treat though it not really about politics.Massive fan of Kerry Washington.I do feel her character Olivia is a tad unrealistically over idolised however there is sufficient male eye candy for me to let that slide) , GIRLS ( it’s dysfunctional ‘sex and the city’ basically a younger,cooler and quirkier version.I recommend it with a big R) ,DEXTER (i’m late on that train but I fell in love with the serial killer storyline. i’m in the middle of season 3 now) EPISODES (caught up on season 2. So hilarious! It makes me laugh even more than the Ricky Gervais show) RIZZOLI & ISLES (Im a crime show junkie and this one whilst sub par, isn’t a bad way to pass time) SUITS ( two words ladies, Harvey Specter!) THE NEWSROOM (Aaron Sorkin is back baby! I’ve been waiting for a show like this since I fell in love with the West Wing. Fantastic) 
4. MUSIC FAVE‘picking up the pieces’ by PALOMA FAITH was in my head for weeks then I saw her perform live in hyde park earlier in september and she is one talented lady!
5. GIRLY FAVE– it’s makeup this time and specifically the CHANEL PERFECTION LUMIERE FOUNDATION . Firstly ,hallelujah that Chanel expanded their shade range to include darker skinned ladies. This foundation is an excellent match for my combination/oily skin and the shade I wear -ambre 114 matches my skin tone perfectly :) 
6. VIDEO FAVE– ill cheat and say the youtube video of Michelle Obama’s 2012 DNC Speech. WOW! A worthy FLOTUS and all round incredible role model for women everywhere.
7. FOOD FAVE– it was Pinkberry -yes I yielded to the hype,sue me. Its really just the nostalgic yearning for decent fro-yo im subject to now im back in lagos.. And to me it’s even better than mori, snog and gelato mio’s ones combined. .
That’s it guys. Till tomorrow!x

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