POETRY| This is more



I can tell- pungent wafts of disparity

like stones from seeds,

like grains from grapes

This is more than I’ve felt before

I’ve held wispy flailing sheets of parchment in the past

They do not compare

This is a weighty stack, priceless first edition volume leather bound

And I am scared and excited

Like the first day of school

Excited to bask and be suspended in

Infatuatory madness

And ponder and be drenched in

The obdurate nature of your love

So my thoughts graze the residue on my senses

Like the smell of last nights rain tinged with hope for your kisses tomorrow

The heart I thought I’d ditched eons ago

Reverberates like a house track possessing my toes with spasmodic rhythm

In your arms,smiling at your fastened shut eyes

I tiptoe up to bliss


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