UPDATE|Six more months to…

resolutionsWe are already exactly halfway through the year. i know- my mind —-> BLOWN. i was super excited about 2013- all about personal development and making improvements in every area of my life- from health & fitness (hence my foray into pescaterianism for 3 months and being consistent with my bootcamp & HIIT clases for four) to work ethic and relationships, especially the one with God. In January I even made weekly progress reports for myself to evaluate how close i was to executing my resolutions. #analretentivenutcase just to ensure that EVERYDAY counted.

I had done the list of resolutions differently this year. I kept them to a succinct 4 or 5 – none of that rambly nonsence that reads like a marxist manifesto/netaporter wishlist mongrel. that shit got left behind in 2012!

It is now apparent that no amount of feng shuiing my life and mind will make a goal get ticked “achieved” in my notebook. I have heard it said that ‘hope is not a strategy’ and such words couldn’t resonate more. Im still excited though -six more months to ACHIEVE and ENCOURAGE, hone my craft, shed more vices, be a blessing to others, CHANGE THE WORLD….:)


PS: I literally just exported all my content from blogger to wordpress, today. yay! lets clinks glasss,yo. It marks my fresh start back on the (blog) grind. My yellow post-it note resolution to you is to blog consistently in the next six months. I’m all about that ‘fresh start’ life :)


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