FAVOURITES| Mes favoris du mois de juin 2013

7 favourite things from the month of june

TV SHOW – ‘House of Cards’ I might be a little late to the party as I only just saw season one last month.I absolutely loved it. Its riveting stuff. Both Kevin Spacey and Kate Mara KILL their roles. As I have mentioned before, any show with a backdrop of politics is right up my street. Other honourable mentions are a British mini-series called ‘The Politicians Husband’ which is brilliant and Justified (Raylan and that damn cowboy hat!)

MUSIC – ‘Limpopo’ by KCEE. Great song to dance/work out to. I dare you to sit still through this song- I’ll even wager you all my earthly possessions if your legs dont forcefully limpopo you to the dancefloor. We may not know what being someone’s maga means but its a catchy tune.Furthermore, the fantasticness (not a word, I know) of the song almost….almost makes up for the *cough* wardrobe choices he sports in the music video. Please let us support his music so he can hire a stylist. Lets make this contribution to humanity at large.

BOOK – ‘The Bell Jar’ by Sylvia Plath. I often caught myself snarling with jealous admiration of some of her simple, apt imagery and highlighting some kick-ass quotes. The work also feels very recent for something written in the 1960s/set in the 50s perhaps because I related to it a little more than I care to admit. It is written in the first person narrative of Esther Greenwood her main character whose voice is distinctive and dare I say, powerful. Its definitely disconcerting, painful even reading a semi autobiographical book about a young woman dealing with suicidal issues written by an author who committed suicide. I know some have dubbed it the female version of ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ but I disagree. Its much more reminiscent of  Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ to me.

FILM – I really didn’t see any film I would rate anything above a 7/10 last month. Hollywood needs to set up some sort of focus group to come up with film ideas for the sole purpose of  blowing saratu’s mind #just saying.

YOUTUBE VIDEO – Mimi Ikonn’s How to shop for clothes. She is a former stylist/image consultant and her video gives a fresh perspective on something so seemingly obvious. check it out here

FOOD – I don’t eat it often because I wouldn’t like to weigh as much as a small house but the Pounded yam and Sea food okra at Yellow Chilli is a winner

GIRLY– Urban Decay deluxe eyeshadow in ‘Shag’. This golden champagne eyeshadow makes my eyes look stunning just placed in the inner corner/tearduct area with a pencil brush, paired with my MAC blacktrack fluidline gel eyeliner #wolfwhistlesoncrack

Hope you all had a lovely weekend x


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