NEWS| Nigerian senators support paedophilia #ChildNotBride

Ever so often my amazing country finds a way to break my heart, usually through its copious inadequacies. In this instance, the culprit is the repercussions of (abhorrently) poor leadership

Basically, section 29(4)(b) of the Nigerian Constitution says that
‘any woman who is married shall be deemed to be of full age’. This practically legitimizes marriages to underage girls if no minimum age is prescribed. A few days ago, the Nigerian senate passed a resolution to retain this provision when it came up for review. I know. How appaling?! I live in a country where an eight year old can be ‘married’ off legally and it wont be considered rape #tufiakwa

Senator Ahmed Sani Yerima married a 13 year old Egyptian girl two years ago and spearheaded this stupidity. The minimum age of 18 for marriage of girls was being discussed in Senate when he interjected that it goes against Islamic law. A group of male and mostly northern senators voted with Sani. The Childs Right Act does set the minimum age for a girl to marry at 18 however, the concept of constitutional supremacy makes that irrelevant.

Please lets get word out about this. Lets sign the petition! We cant sit back and welcome this debilitating level of injustice.Little girls should be educated not violated. This is not just a womens issue- its a human issue.



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