UPDATE| August is already hurr!


I’m excited about august even though I will be working throughout- no vacay for me, im afraid. Regardless, ill have a lot more time on my hands to make crucial life plans and do some blogging and reading and writing!

GOALS for the blog in August

1. Submit more blogposts on this website -I’m aiming for 31 for everyday of the month. They won’t necessarily go up daily but that’s the cumulative number I’m aiming for.

2. Send off some of my stories/articles for publication on a few websites (3 in particular). I usually procrastinate on this but its going to happen in August and I will let you guys know when they get published. Just putting it out there so I’m kept accountable.

3. Do loads more writing. This is especially crucial because I plan to join in with this submission bonanza in September which involves submitting a poem/short story to a lit mag every single day for 30 days.

Thank God we’ve all made it this far into the year unscathed. I know its been a difficult year for some of us. We have a few more months for it to get better and it will! Keep your faith alive! Nothing bad in your past can define who you are- make that choice yourself.

STAY POSITIVE- you’re too damn fabulous not to! x


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