FAVOURITES|Mes favoris du mois d’Aout


7 favourite things from the past month!

BOOK – You’ve seen reviews of some of the fiction I really enjoyed this month like ‘Americanah’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and ‘Everything good will come’ by Sefi Atta, however a non-fiction favourite is “The creative writing coursebook’ edited by Julia Bell and Paul Magrs. I’ve pretty much been studying it like a textbook, doing the writing exercises and learning ways to improve the quality of my work and its a great book.

MUSIC – ‘Life’ by Efya. She’s a young Ghanaian singer with a phenomenal voice and this song is just beautiful 

FILM – Elysium -its  a sci-fi action film that stars Matt Damon. I liked the cool the futuristic gadgets like that med bay thing that could scan people into perfect health in a second! It was a good film. Who knew Jodie Foster could do that stiff uptight European b**** role so well?

TV SHOW – Breaking Bad!! season one is dull as dishwater but you have to hang in there-it gets cleverer, the characters get more complex and plot more gritty as the seasons go along. I’m on season 5 now (side note I finally saw season 3 Game of thrones 10 years after everyone else haha. All that hoopla about the red wedding episode yet honestly Ned Starks death way back when, shocked me far more than the deaths that occurred in that episode. Just sayin’)

YOUTUBE VIDEO – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED speech. The feminist in me was nodding violently and flitting around joyously doing obscure ballerina moves (in my head,naturally)  

GIRLY – I have two girly faves this month. The first is MAC pro longwear lipstick in ‘goes and goes’ its a cool toned violet lipstick that is stunners! My second fave is AJALI grapefruit body butter -its a whipped shea butter moisturizer (ever since I discovered how soft Shea butter made my skin, two years ago,I haven’t used anything else. I swear by shea butter! Others brands I’ve used in the past are Sahara Sunrise Shea butter and Kinky Apothecary’s Shea Batter which are both great products. All products are from local nigerian brands. I’ve used L’Occitane’s shea butter in the past -its great albeit *cough* overpriced

FOOD – Rubis Chocolate Wine. I know chocolate wine sounds…err gimmicky but I tasted when they were giving free samples out at park n shop and its was so yummy i had to buy it…..*cough* twice


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