all great things start with yays…. don’t you know it

A crinkle free ,spanking new month is upon us, dear friends. the penultimate one of sweet 2013. I’m actually at a book reading (sort of – I snuck into a café in the same compound.(So im still sort of there -ish right?) for an account of the Biafran War by a Brigadier General. I’m not in a ‘lets recount the civil war’ sort of mood right now. Sorry. I want to drink soy decaf cappuccinos and watch season 3 of Luther again because Idris Elba is all that and a bag of chips. Yum. I was in London very briefly ,a few days ago and I had a hectic/lovely time, the highlight of which was Jason Manford at the Hammersmith Apollo for his ‘First World Problems’ tour. I’ve watched his stand up for years and he was oh so hilarious, live. If you have haven’t seen any of his stand up, please crawl out from underneath that rock and rectify that sitch. His is the second stand up comedy show i’ve ever been too – the first being Russell Peters whist I was at university. Both fantastic. There are loads of stand up comedians I’d love to see live though – Michael McIntyre, Sarah Millican, John Bishop, and Kevin Hart to name a few

I have to apologize for being an absentee blogger last month. I had a lot going on in my life and didn’t really feel like linking virtual hands with you through the world wide web and singing kumbaya. I just wanted to curl up and wallow, cry, eat cake, pray, bitch, pray for forgiveness for bitching about the situation. In the end something beautiful came out of my challenging situation amidst copious lessons. Great things are ahead. Where blogging is concerned, I have so much to share and will get back to my previous routine next week and not renege anymore.

The year is very nearly up and I hope you have a fantastic month. Everyone in my family was born in November so its a fun month for me – lots of celebrating and being rendered broke. Ha.


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