FAVOURITES| Mes favoris du mois d’Octobre 2013


7 favourite things last month. Sorry its a wee bit late, I’ve only just had one of the worst weeks of my life. Don’t throw me a pity party, just  tell me what your favourite things were last month so I can hate you so much I eat my own arm.

BOOK- ‘The Lowland’ Jhumpa Lahiri (my review is coming soon!)

FILM – Now you see me

TV SHOW- Luther season 3 ( I know it came out a while ago but I only recently had the chance to catch up and though rather short, it maintained the incredible standard of  the first two seasons.

YOUTUBE VIDEO- Jason Manford’s stand up in  general. I saw  the hilarious mancunian live this month and he was just brilliant.

MUSIC- ‘Pompeii’ by Bastille!! In fact their entire ‘Bad Blood’ album is rather lovely. I’ve also been enamoured by the voice of the young Ella Eyre which reminds me of Amy Winehouse

FOOD- Decaf Soy Coffees. This (totally ridiculous first world problem) issue is that, the only place I can have them in Lagos is at home. My very brief visit to london reinforced this gripe. I don’t know a single cafe in Nigeria that anticipates lactose intolerance and stocks soya milk. Even requesting decaf in some places is like asking that a unicorn waits your table for the day. I really need to open my own cafe someday. When I lived in Paris I used to turn my nose up at Starbucks because the cafe culture there spoiled me rotten. Now I could sell two or three of my toes for…lets stop here, shall we.

GIRLY- I’ve been obsessed with the whole bronzy glow on the cheekbones thing and the product that help to work that magic are my bronzer (covergirl queen bronzer  in ‘ebony bronze’), and highlighters MAC mineralize skin finish in ‘star wonder’ &’gold deposit’


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