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Its about time you lovely people got to know me better. I saw this a while back on Laura Farrant’s blog buynowbloglater and thought to do it too.

1. My middle fingers aren’t straight. They have a very subtle bend which you wouldnt detect unless you scrutinized both fingers or I pointed it out to you. After which you’d call me a deformed freak.

2. I don’t eat red meat. the last time i did was in january of this year (with the exception of one occasion when i was misled) .Its not a religious/animal rights activism/ethical thing. I won’t have an aneurysm if meat touches my food or people eat meat around me. Its not that serious to me, its just a choice.

3. I am twenty six years old

4. My favourite number is 8.

5. I am a control freak. I was going qualify that phrase with several mitigatory words then realised how damning that would be.

6. Enid Blyton ROCKED my childhood.(the faraway tree, mallory towers, st claires, the famous five, the enchanted wood, the secret seven etc  —> BLISS) Other honourable mentions are Roald dahl, LM Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables books, Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley High books etc It was then I feel in love with books. Fun Fact: During my teens I read about 60 Danielle Steel novels from which i gained a cretain degree of tolerance of mediocre writing and thankfully have now eschewed. By the way, Shout out to everyone else who was an avid reader as a child.We are awesome.

7. I have one tattoo

8. I almost drowned when I was about six years old. My friends dad took a bunch of us kids swimming. I lied that I could swim because my friends said they could and i didnt want to be left out of the fun. Oh what fun it was struggling for my little life whilst drinking and breathing in chlorine. My mother made us take swimming lessons immediately after that debacle.

9. I love love love to travel. The entire process -airports, duty free, flights, even turbulence dammit. Although the majority of travelling I have done has been within the same three continents – Europe in particular. I would love to see more of Asia considering the last time I ventured to that part of the world was a family trip to Sri Lanka when I was ten years old. Anyway I plan to see as much of the world’s 194 or so countries as I can, in my lifetime. Its a life goal. I hunger to explore

10. The year I lived in Paris was one of the strangest and BEST experiences of my life.

11. I am an introvert. A proper one. I am neither timid nor shy, but I revel in solitude. I find silence more comfortable than most yet also love to natter away. Basically, I need to regularly have a couple of hours alone, to remain sane. Sometimes I just want to be quiet- Its not because I dont have an opinion or because Im petrified of communicating with other humans. I JUST DONT FEEL LIKE TALKING AT THAT MOMENT. Thankyou.

12. I love lebanese food! Fatouch salad num num num.

13. I have 3 siblings – 3 sisters. I’ve always wanted an older brother although its slightly late for that. Yeah, just slightly.

14. I am a Christain and my relationship with God is hands down the most valuable thing I have. Everything and everyone else is secondary to that.

15. My sense of direction can be a bit disgraceful

16. Im lactose intolerant but sometimes (always) consume things with it anyway.

17. I write A LOT of lists -especially detailed lists about trivial crap.

18. My fave tv show of all time is ‘The West Wing’. Other shows I love or have loved in recent years are ‘The Good Wife’, ‘Dexter’, ‘Homeland’, ‘Suits’, ‘CSI (original)’ , All the Ricky Gervais &Stephen Merchant stuff , ‘Gavin &Stacey’, ‘The Newsroom’, ‘Friends’, ‘Scandal’ & ‘Breaking Bad’

19. I can’t ride a bicycle.I do however have the decency to be ashamed about that.

20. I love Christmas – everything about it. Carol singing & services, Christmas trees,  Families converging across the world to eat a massive bird and get pissed together, Presents,  The merriness and good cheer, Winter (location dependent, though some of my favourite Christmases were spent in Las Vegas. go figure). Christmas makes me SO HAPPY.

21. I am Jukun (tribe- wise) – well, half Jukun and half Igbo meaning my father and mother are from the North and the East of Nigeria respectively.

22. I like doing things properly and following rules. This is virtually impossible to do in Nigeria but I sort of  try to.

23. Speaking of Nigeria. I love this country so much despite its bullshit unrealised potential and tragic waste of purpose. Wherever I am in the world, i will alway care deeply about it.

24. This is probably (definitely) TMI but during a certain period of every month, (awful pun) i am a temperamental lunatic.I switch between being really angry or really sad. I am only admitting it here because you are lovely people who know never to mention it unless you want to be consumed by the fire i exhale.

25. I never wear lipgloss. I hate the way it feels on my lips. Lipstick on the other hand is Bae.

Thats it for now, If you have done it on your own blog, comment with a link and if you share any of my questionable traits, do let me know! We can set up a support group …or something

Gros Bisous


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