UPDATE | HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (warm wishes and the resolution kerfuffle)


I hope you are all well and excited about the fresh start (or more productive furtherance of existing goals ) that 2014 will bring. I absolutely am! God was so good to me in 2013 so i cant wait to see what the new year holds. I truly wish you the best in all your endeavours this year.

I haven’t actually entered into the new year yet(entered into? Saratu is it a space shuttle?) I’m in downtown Los Angeles, California right now so we’re lagging behind a little time-wise. I’d love to say I’m getting turn’t up for new years eve but I’m being a total granny and staying in because we did a mini road trip to Venice Beach today which was total awesomeness but a I’m now completely exhausted.

I recently decided not to have any new year resolutions this year – being as cool as I am and all that, y’know.i just thought “resolutions?! pfft! Ain’t nobody got time”. How many years in a row can one keep banning all that is delicious in the world and resolving to attain the body of Adriana Lima, deliver a cure for Alzheimer’s, marry Idris Elba, learn to cook like Nigella Lawson and win the Nobel Peace Prize…ALL just in January…yeah.

I have since, on retrospect decided that I am not to cool to dream and desire greater for myself. So a bevy of resolutions are shimmying into the new year with me. I’ve gone a little crazy with them and have about 15 with specific details of how they will each be achieved.I aimed really high, thanks to the late Madiba and all his natter about our biggest fear not being that we are inadequate but that we are powerful beyond measure. I’m such a sucker for that cheesy crap.2014 better watch out!

Let me know what you did for new years eve and if you have resolutions this year!

Also massive THANKS for reading/supporting my blog last year- means the world x


2 thoughts on “UPDATE | HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! (warm wishes and the resolution kerfuffle)

  1. Got to spend NYE alone for the first time ever! I had been looking forward to that and have absolutely no regrets. Thought of going to see the fireworks, but couldn’t bear the thought of standing in the cold. Danced, sang and prayed. Then I drank, ate and danced some more on my table 😁

    As for New Year resolutions, that has never been my thing. What I have is a to-do list instead. Basically what I hope to achieve through the year. Oh, I resolved to love myself unconditionally and laugh at myself everyday.

    1. Dea your new years eve sounds pretty awesome to me! Wish you all the best with you to do list (resolutions are just glorified to do lists anyway) x

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