Top 10 hair products for natural hair

These are my desert island hair product picks(for when i become ditzy enough to prioritize fabulous hair over sustenance in the wild)

They are the products I would repurchase first if I lost all my hair products somehow in a natural disaster or peradventure the hair product bandits paid me a visit. Genuine threat. Even though I attribute healthy hair growth more to process rather than product, these products have made my life & hair care process MUCH EASIER. They are the products I have fallen in love with in the two years (feb 4th is my natural hair anniversary, woo!) I have been relaxer free, and the ones I would recommend purely because they have consistently worked really well for me over time.

1. Coconut Oil: It has to be pure unrefined/extra virgin. I have a lot of different oils and this is the most versatile and the one my hair responds best to.

2. Tresemme Naturals Conditioner: The best and most versatile conditioner I have ever used. Its an amazing deep conditioner for moisturizing and softening your hair, it detangles hair like a dream, it can be left in as a leave-in conditioner and its really inexpensive. I always mix a few conditioners together for deep conditioning but if I had to have only one, this is it! The thought of it ever being discontinued in the future makes me a little nauseous to be honest.

3. Elasta QP mango butter moisturizer: This one goes way back with me. I’ve been using it for almost 5 years, long before I decided to go natural. It is just a really good moisturizer – does what it says on the tin.

4. Head & Shoulders Shampoo: My long standing battle with dandruff is what led me to this shampoo. I have tried some good sulphate free ones which i use from time to time but majority of the time I  use this because it really does keep the dandruff and bay and cleans my hair really well.

5. Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie: Apart from smelling divine, this is a really lovely moisturizing cream for doing curly styles with – defining twist-outs, braid-outs etc. Even when I put my hair in a bun I use it to smooth my hair back and on the ends, in a way that shows off its curly texture

6. African Pride Leave in Conditioner: This is one of those rare gems-  a miracle product. Its is the BEST detangler I have ever come across. It has a very strong sweet smell which i’m not that fond of but half of my hair was not ripped out in frustration  during the past year, because this product works magic on knotty tangles. I cannot loosen my hair from braids or a weave without having this product present to immediately whack onto my hair.

7. African Naturalistas Minty Jazz Butter cream: This is only available  in Nigeria. Its basically shea butter with peppermint oil and I really like on my hair and scalp. They have different butter creams but the minty jazz  makes my hair smell like butter mints for which I am a fan.

8. Extra Virgin Olive Oil– This always features in my deep conditioning mixture and I use it to oil my scalp or for sealing as well.

9. Eco Styler Gel – I have the Olive Oil version and whist I don’t use it often or like the gelled hair look at all. It comes in handy for defining curly styles and works well with Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. It’s kind of a must have in anyone’s natural hair arsenal.

10. VO5 ‘give me moisture’ conditioner: This is the newest product to me on  this list. I’ve used it for a month and it is a fantastic conditioner. It does everything that tresemme naturals does and I prefer it to VO5’s moisture milk conditioners which so many people are obsessed with.


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