UPDATE| Back on duty!

Dear readers,

I’m back!

To make up for my disgustingly overindulgent hiatus I will be putting up a post on this blog every single day in the month of October. Rejoice dear friends, you’re going to get sick of me.

I have learned more in the past 6 months than I have in my entire life. The death of your most beloved, coupled with being flung (to be fair it was a choice though in a very limited sense) into the most mind-blowing position of responsibility/leadership most women my age can imagine, dealing with disappointments/betrayals that would make a garden gnome weep etc it really has been an adventure. I told my sister that our mother dying and all the nonsense that ensued literally felt like life pulling the rug from under my feet whilst simultaneously emptying a rubbish bin on my head.Awesome.The reason I’ve not gone loco from all of it, is God.He makes the worst things help prepare you for something more than you ever imagined :)

I think this process of blogging/writing again will help heal the creative part of me that suffered a fracture when all that happened. One or two very beautiful things did happen during that period to be fair. We have plenty of time in the next couple of days to share anyway *grin* and there’s so much interesting stuff going on in the world that i would like to weigh in on.Boy am I glad to be back!

A demain!x


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