5 life lessons learned from my late mother

My mother was a treasure trove of wisdom. If you met her you would have LOVED her. Not being partial or nuffink, but she was the most incredible woman ever. As anyone who has lost a loved one knows, the pain never really goes away, it sneaks up on you in sharp suffocating waves, completely at random. I probably cried every single day last week because it was one of those weeks where I missed her so much it ached. Oh well… Today is actually exactly 15 months since my mum passed away so in honour of that I will share five life changing lessons, she taught me

 GIVEMy mother always said no one has too little that they cannot give and no one has too much that they cannot receive. She was so generous, people sometimes took advantage of it but she didn’t care because she just loved to give.  Even now she has passed away I still reap the rewards of her generosity to others. As they say, people never forget how you make them feel. Paying tithes was something else she was diligent with and she certainly reaped the rewards of that. It doesn’t just have to be money, you can give your time, attention, skills and service to help others.

 TRAVEL–  My mother was a comprehensive traveller – a real international woman of mystery. She’d been everywhere from Brazil to Singapore, The French Riveira to South Africa. My sisters and I grew up visiting different parts of the world and that made us more nuanced women. You can’t put a value on great life experiences. Those gained whilst exposing your self to different cultures and connecting with new people, are simply priceless.

FORGIVE I struggle with this one but my mum forgave the most awful things of people who really didn’t deserve it. There’s so much liberty and peace in forgiveness even though it’s so damn hard to do, so I’m working on being a more forgiving person.

 BE AN INSTITUTION –This is literally one of my mothers most used phrases to my sisters and I. “Be an institution!’. Make your own life choices and stand by them. Do not follow the masses because you’re worried about someone’s disapproval of your choices. Don’t let peer pressure sway you, stick to your guns.

INVEST WISELY – It wasn’t until my mother died that i realised just how clever she was at investing. Instead of investing in cars and clothes which will inevitably be upstaged by fresher trends and newer models, invest in things that stand the test of time such as- Education,Travel, Real Estate etc Don’t buy something you can’t maintain to the level of comfort you deserve. There are so many Nigerians whose kids would be studying in the best schools in the world and be well travelled and therefore a lot more exposed if they has a few less Mercs and G-Wags but alas there are always the ‘money miss road’ types -people who serve as living proof that you just can’t buy class.


5 thoughts on “5 life lessons learned from my late mother

  1. Reblogged this on Totally Inspired Mind… and commented:
    From Sara Tu comes this beautiful article about the incredible life lessons she learned from her mother. I think God put it there so I would have a kindred spirit in the world who can relate to the loss I feel when I miss mom. I pray mom’s years are the best possible and she always knows me. Even if she doesn’t, I will always know her and strive to lobby to find the cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

    Paulette L Motzko

  2. What a wonderful article you wrote about your wonderful mother. What was her name?
    It is my mother Ramona’s 85th birthday but since she has advanced Alzheimer’s disease-and is in a 24 acute care home for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in CA and I live in NV-(couldn’t afford CA)-I just have to be satisfied with simply loving her. I wrote a “tribute” to her called “A Star in My Night’s Sky”.

    We are kindred spirits because we both realize the incredible worth of our mothers. God bless you!

    Paulette Le Pore Motzko

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Paulette. I’m so sorry about your mum, I’m sure she felt your love on her birthday and knows what a blessing she is to you. We are indeed kindred spirits. Stay strong & God bless you!

  3. So sorry for your loss. I trust your mom was a wonderful woman. She raised a good one too. Thanks for sharing these nuggets of wisdom.

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