5 Reasons to be Single


We all know that being ‘en couple’ is the desired end of most human beings. Society has programmed us to want romance as much as food and shelter. Some people even take the pains to call out/shame their single relatives or friends or ask them to provide justifications for why they are still single. Clearly being single is a crucial issue, just like third world poverty, terrorism, climate change and proliferation of nuclear weapons, exactly like those. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, this post is dedicated to anyone going through a breakup or who is just exasperated about being single for whatever reason.These are 5 reasons I think being single is FANTASTIC.

  1. MYSTERY & ADVENTURE                                                                                                                                        You’re not saddled with the monotony of worn out love. In the film ‘The Last Kiss’ Zach Braff’s character panics at the thought of marriage when his girlfriend gets pregnant because he is terrified of losing the mysterious element of love and his life becoming too predictable. You, however, can get excited about you romantic future and the new experiences ahead of you because your story is still unfolding. You don’t have to worry about the spark dying because the spark is still making its way to you. You have to enjoy this bit of the journey because once you meet ‘the one’, you’ll never be back here getting butterflies over the endless possibilities attached to a new romance. It’s just not quite the same m’dear.
  1. NO BAGGAGE ZONE                                                                                                                                                         You may end up with someone who has a lot of  emotionally draining or financially demanding responsibilities to others which you will have to share. You might end up having to make sacrifices because of your other half, his or her career or family. Therefore, this is the time to kick back and enjoy the now before all of that shit comes your way.
  1. ALL YOUR CHOICES ARE SOLELY YOURS                                                                                                                 You are the captain of your ship. How you spend your time, what goals you want to pursue, whether you want to quit your corporate job to be a magicians assistant/palm reader solely because you love the swishy gypsy skirt is totally up to you. If you want to relocate to another county, travel the world or get a pet hyena, you can! Nobody has input on what you wear or weigh except you (unless you’re Nigerian ofcourse *cough*). Whilst relationships are awesome, lets face the fact that someone else will have much more input in your choices than you will sometimes be comfortable with.
  1. EXTRA TIME TO LEARN ABOUT YOURSELF AND ACHIEVE MORE                                                                     This is the time to become a better version of you. You can work long hours to achieve you dreams or devote all your time to a cause you are passionate about. You can build an empire or dominate an industry. This is the time to add more value to your life and get to know yourself better so celebrate that and do not waste it. The more value you add to your life, the higher  the standard that you are well within your rights to expect in a partner.
  1. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE SINGLE ANYWAY (in a sense)                                                                           I don’t subscribe to the practice of getting into relationships to find direction, purpose, support, excitement or meaning. You are simply all you will ever have. You are alone. We humans can’t help ourselves, we are just so damn disappointing sometimes. I worry for people who are completely uncomfortable with being by themselves because life will force them to do just that at certain points. Relationships/Marriages can be some of the loneliest places on earth especially when they are used to fill a void or tick a box. No one person will ever fulfil every single desire of yours for an entire lifetime and it is wildly ludicrous to expect that! It is imperative that you find happiness outside of a relationship and within yourself.



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