TV Shows, Food & A Chanel Bag


I thought a great way for us to catch up, having recently shed my prodigal status, would be for me to revive an old fixture on my blog and do a favourites post. It’ll be a few categories of things I’ve thoroughly enjoyed in the past couple of months, in some cases this year so far. These are some things that have served as procrastinatory gems while I tried to plod on with my first novel. So lets get cosy and feel free to share yours in the comments section.
1. TV SHOWS- I watch a lot of shows perhaps partly because the idea of maybe one day far into the future, delving into screenwriting is a sexy prospect. We saw the end of some great shows namely ‘THE GOOD WIFE’, ‘GIRLS’ and ‘TOGETHERNESS’.If you haven’t seen TOGETHERNESS, get on it. It was written by the Duplass brothers and stars Amanda Peet.Its about interrelationship dynamics highlighting the mundanity of a marriage that has lost its spark with comedy, wit and awkward sincerity – a bit like the show CATASTROPHE which i also highly recommend. I’m heartbroken that it’s been cancelled (wtf?)and will treasure its 2 seasons forever.  I also enjoyed watching new-ish Netflix series like ‘BLOODLINE’ , ‘NARCOS'(!) and ‘LOVE’-Judd Apatow’s new show. My love for BBC dramas blossomed with the brilliant DR FOSTER and the old but still engrossing BROADCHURCH – we all love a good whodunnit. My guilty pleasures without a doubt remain Made in Chelsea, TOWIE and Geordie Shore (I know its ghastly.I just can’t resist)

2. MUSIC- I’ll start by saying I saw ADELE in concert a few months ago *bows. I’m just in awe of her talent and what she’s achieved while remaining authentic. She also doesn’t have the personality of expired vanilla wafers and this is a plus in that it cannot be said of some of her contemporaries. Her album is great. A few songs I’ve enjoyed are CHAINSMOKERS -Roses, SANTIGOLD – Chasing Shadows and BURNA BOY-Soke (Obsessed)

3. FASHION- Being the handbag enthusiast that I am, it’ll have to be my Chanel mini classic flap bag in beige lambskin leather with gold hardware *hearteyesemoji*chanelbag

4. TED TALK – 3 ted talks which all incidentally were precursors to non-fiction books I rate pretty high are 1 Confessions of a bad Feminist by ‘Roxanne Gay’ . She’s hilarious while pondering whether you can be a feminist if you like rap music with derogatory lyrics etc Her book ‘Bad feminist’ is fantastic.I especially enjoyed her rant about Francine Pascal’s Sweet Valley High books ii. Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes (Pleeeease Shonda can you adopt me? ill eat my vegetables and everything.) iii. Success, failure and the drive to keep creating by ‘Elizabeth Gilbert’. Her book “Big Magic” is on this subject and I really enjoyed reading it.

5. FOOD –The best steak I’ve had in Lagos was at Deli’s café so maybe check that out. When in london, I love eating at the French chain Aubaine. My unforgettable birthday dinner at Hakassan in Hanway Place cannot go unmentioned.

6. YOUTUBE VIDEO– I’ve been obsessed with ‘The Hollywood Reporter’.They host these roundtables with Hollywood actors, directors or producers and ask them everything from their experiences playing certain roles to how they’ve dealt with racism or sexism in the industry. It really interesting to see how storytelling in handled in the film industry particularly behind the scenes.Its really worth checking out. On another vein, I’ve been watching Terri Savelle Foy’s faith based youtube channel since the end of last year. She talks a lot about productivity and principles of success with personal anecdotes. Its self development from a Christian standpoint but she has this incredibly lovely genuine spirit.Ill sign off with one of her videos.

Have a lovely weekend!!