You may have heard it said that most people have zero concept of personal space in Nigeria. We are richer in invasive questions than oil reserves. I remember being told by an older (Nigerian) woman sitting next to me on a flight to unhook her bra through her blouse. She had her back to me before I could blink. You better believe she enlisted my bra clasping services once gain when the flight began its descent. I get that she wanted to let loose. However, I wasn’t asked if I was up for that level of intimacy. I wasn’t given the option of being bought a drink or flirted with first. Incredible.

I’ll  never forget a former male colleague asking a female colleague at the time this question in passing. ‘Why is your stomach not as flat as it was when you started working here?’ They were NOT actual friends, just colleagues. They certainly did not roll like that.He was married and not remotely old enough to pretend he was somehow being fatherly -still super gross. There are at least 68 things wrong with what he said, in my mind. There are also at least 68 million Nigerians that see absolutely nothing inappropriate about what he said.

The rest of us should have a party just to pull our hair out and pop high blood pressure pills. Anyone up for hosting?


One thought on “Boundaries

  1. This got me wondering if there is an equivalent phrase for “personal space” in my dialect (igbomina). I had a good laugh with the examples in this post. I think they may be extreme but yes, naija people need to redefine personal space etiquette.

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