Don’t give up

Just in case, like me the news about Brexit left you in mood indigo, I am here with  a little hot water bottle for your spirits – an uplifting post. Cue the yays

So, all I have to say is…I really think you should NOT give up

I don’t know what you do or where you’re headed. I don’t know what unanswered prayer makes you sweat in the cool breeze.

Please do not give up on your dreams.

The harsh incline that punctuates life’s progression often leaves us weary and wounded. Staying motivated is difficult. We all want to see RESULTS, get outside affirmation of our abilities or win the popularity contest of who best depicts perfect happiness. Whatever your unrealised goals are, a time lapse doesn’t mean you should take down the party bunting and change out of your multi-tiered frock. Keep working and praying.

Don’t give up if you’ve been trying really hard and nothing has happened yet. Don’t give up if you’ve failed once or twice. Don’t give up if the door has been shut in your face. Don’t give up if everyone has written you off as a failure or if they’re all so far ahead of you, it doesn’t seem worth it to even bother. You are your only competition. Sod them all.

People will dole out scathing remarks once in a while or just belittle your dreams, masquerading their words as advice.As we were reminded by Michelle Obama in her segment with Oprah Winfrey during the United States of Women Summit last week.When it comes to haters “the best revenge is success’.  

One of my favourite pieces of advice on the creative process is from Radio & TV Producer of ‘This American Life’ Ira Glass. Here he talks about how we all get into writing because we have ‘good taste’.However, we start writing and realise everything we are producing is sub-par rubbish. He says you have to fight your way through that because that good taste is still there and is what lets us know that our work isn’t at the standard it should be. The people who become great produce a huge volume of work and keep at it. That time is necessary to achieve results.

Keep at it, your story is still unfolding. Don’t give up! (Actually maybe give up if the restraining order was successfully obtained against you..)

Have a joy filled weekend.

PS: I’ve only recently started using twitter properly so feel free to join me here @saratuwrites (I claim the only tenable excuse for this level of social media neglect prior to now. Yes, as you suspected, I am a 75 year old lady coal miner who got trapped underground five years ago. I have only just been rescued. My lungs are recovering well, Thankyou)


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