The other half of 2016


The other half of our year is here like the second bit of a twix bar, judging, tempting and challenging you all at once in that rather delicious yet disparaging manner.

As we look with relieved gratitude at the months that have gone by and with nervous responsibility at those ahead, we cannot ignore the full picture of the limited time we’ve been given and what we use it for.

The global landscape in which we exist has changed. The second half of the year will see new leadership in the USA (I think most of us will remain a little constipated until the Oath of Office is pouring out of Hilary Clintons lips like golden manuka honey!) and the UK (which is likely going to exclude Scotland as soon as another independence referendum is held due to the dispiriting Brexit). Xenophobia along with, dare I say it, racism, is rearing its hideous head with a higher platform and louder microphone than its had in recent times. ISIS and its directly or indirectly affiliated groups and individuals are still taking precious lives all over the world from Orlando to Istanbul. These are a small fraction of the challenges around us.

I think this is a season to challenge our selves and push for more out of life. Why the hell not? We can’t shrink away in the face of disappointment.  If there’s something you meant to start this year and didn’t, start now. Why don’t you add more goals to your vision board and increase your career expectations. Why don’t you take a risk that propels you out of your current situation. Let’s smash the next 6 months together!

Back to the subject of critical global news, Today is my blog anniversary! *drops laptop to dance like Carlton from Fresh Prince*. Rather modestly, I’m not going to make you guys buy me gifts. That’d be so tacky. I’d just like to say, if you’re dying to know what I would like (which you obviously are) that I’m really into stage 4 tumour-sized diamonds and small private islands on the northern Pacific.

If you want to get something a little larger/more glamorous, please don’t feel boxed in. I’m not a freedom fighter for nothing, you know.


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