What a month, already. I know a lot of us all over the world are enraged and heartbroken by the horrific events that occurred in America this week both in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Falcon Heights, Minnesota.

Two men were killed for no reason other than what can only be identified as systemic racism within the police department. It should go without saying that most police officers do their jobs honourably and aren’t out to kill black men however something needs to be addressed because the pattern is undeniable. Naturally debates (both of the illuminating and destructive variety) have sparked regarding the #blacklivesmatter and #bluelivesmatter movements. My thoughts and prayers go out to the loved ones of Alton Sterling, Philando Castille, and the 5 police officers in Dallas who all tragically lost their lives this week. Protesting while necessary, should be peaceful and Snoop Dogg and The Game set an amazing example with their protest on Friday. I am not going discuss my thoughts on it at length because Trevor Noah (who I love like any health nut loves quinoa) eloquently expresses them in the clip below from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

I can’t help also thinking about the tragic deaths that constantly occur on my own doorstep. Boko Haram are unrelenting. Families in Nigeria still lose loved ones everyday, whose disappearances or deaths are not covered by the media. We don’t even have the opportunity to know who or how many we’ve lost.Where are our Chibok girls? We still haven’t found them. There just is too much pain in this broken world.

On a much lighter note, for a  giggle, you need to check out the story of Louise Linton’s controversial book, if you haven’t already. My sister and I spent a significant portion of last week following the #LintonLies thread on twitter and cheering on the Zambians for putting ‘Angel Hair’ in her place. Even more hilarious are the reverse gap year stories where africans give accounts of gap years in France, Belgium etc, humbly rescuing people and saving lives. We concluded that if she had written that ‘memoir’ about Nigeria, even if MI6 worked alongside the US Secret Service and an army sent down from Heaven to give her a 24 hour protective detail, she would still have been devoured for breakfast like yam and stew. We don’t play.


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