Current Favourites July 2016

Its mid-july already, Whaaat.. ? While we watch this summer waste like sand through our fingers, I’m back with a FAVOURITES post. BOOM! Here are some of the things I’ve enjoyed recently. Naturally, i’d also love to hear yours or even just how you are doing in general? What failed relationship inspired the outfit you wore yesterday? Why have you held a deep-seated hatred for nachos for eleven years?  Why do butterflies make you cry? Lets build that intimacy. I’ll start Kumbaya in soprano, you take tenor…

1. FITNESS: Running, particularly with the NIKE + APP,is my latest endorphin chasing obsession. Like most fans of the app, it has revolutionised running for me. I go running about 3 times a week outdoors in the evenings on a route that is pretty much, glorified cobblestones. (explanation: treadmills are for babies, I am a gangster).During the first 3 weeks, when I wasn’t gloating at my (kilo)metric progress on the app, or limping everywhere, I was staring at the mirror wondering why the fitness fairy god father had forsaken me. Obviously vanity played a role in my decision to start running so the amount of time it took to see my body start to change was discouraging, at first. I am not a ‘real’ runner (excluding the charity 10k race I ran at university many moons ago when my metabolic rate still respected it’s elders). However, I’m considering making a go of it and becoming one of those sumg divs that throw their recently completed marathons into wholly unrelated conversations expecting obsequious responses. Anytime I don’t run, I imagine a board meeting being held at Nike HQ with the Board of Directors barely masking their disgust while engrossed in a discussion about my lackadaisical attitude to running. I CAN’T LET THEM DOWN.

2 BOOK: ‘THE FISHERMEN’ by Chigozie Obioma. A proper review of this gem will be on the blog sometime next week.

3.WEBSITE: For the past few weeks I’ve really enjoyed the diversity in both content and contributors on Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner’s website – It is female-driven and the articles cover a wide array of topics from health and politics to art and fashion.

4.NEWSLETTER: THE SKIMM is a newsletter disseminated via email that gives you a concise round up of global news daily with a minuscule fraction of pointless but hilarious news thrown in. I actually discovered it through the financial diet – another great website. If you are a news fiend who insists on digesting every syllable of at least three national dailies every morning, this is unlikely to be your jam. I like my newsletters like chat-up lines – witty, succinct and borne by a source I can eliminate at will. THE SKIMM is all those things. It’ll make you a better conversationalist at the very least. They have an app as well if you don’t want your inbox crammed but your phone memory is hungry for tenants.

5.MEDITATION: “THE HONEST GUYS” youtube videos. I got into meditation/visualisation as a way to unwind and calm down my restless mind after reading ‘The Power’by Rhonda Byrne. Anyway, THE HONEST GUYS do great meditation audio both guided and unguided. I am aware this is just as decipherable from regular spa background music as Melania Trump’s speech is from Michelle Obama’s, but their voices are mad soothing.

6.TV SHOWS: So, a few great shows concluded recently. I will miss ‘VEEP’-the writing and acting in that show is brilliant (then again I have loved Armando Ianucci’s work since ‘THE THICK OF IT’ days). ‘LOVE ISLAND’ also ended – addictive trash tv at it’s finest. I’m looking forward to digging into ‘TYRANT’, ‘POWER’ and ‘SUITS’ which have all recently commenced new seasons. The dialogue in the latter seems to have degenerated to cheese factory status woefully, Nevertheless, I will persevere for the sake of all the male eye candy that need my support. Who will objectify Harvey Spector if I don’t? It really is thankless work …but I’m selfless like that.



2 thoughts on “Current Favourites July 2016

  1. I’ ve been reading a lot. I’ll just go ahead and recommend a few: “The Course of Love”- Alain de Botton and ” Everyday” by David Levithan. Also, I’ve been watching Terri Savelle Foy’s podcasts (thanks to you) and reading her books too.
    I’m keeping my eyes peeled for that book review. You have a good sense of humor. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks for the recommendations Augustine, I read an interesting article by Alain de botton in the New York times so will def check out his book. I believe the article was titled ‘why you will marry the wrong person’ Lol. Glad you’re enjoying Terri Savelle Foys podcasts. She’s great :) have a lovely weekend!

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