Blogtober Begins!

Hi everyone!

I hope that life basked you in an incandescent glow in my absence. I did say I was ‘back’ in my last blogpost however life got in the way. I had a little bit of a health scare recently but can report that I am absolutely fine now. So, Don’t cry for me Argentina :) I’m more excited about life than i’ve ever been.

I just wanted to let you all know that I will be blogging everyday this month..hence blogtober (blogging everyday in the month of october). I was supposed to start yesterday but it was Nigeria’s Independence Day so hopefully I get a cheeky pass.I will certainly make it up during the course of the month anyway…because i wasn’t raised by howler monkeys in the Amazonian jungle.

Happy Independence Day to all Nigerians since most of us are still in celebratory spirits. I realise that marking 56 years of independence polarises the nation given the current economic climate but i’m still positive about the Nation’s future.

Anyway, I’m super excited for Blogtober because I’m transitioning this blog into more of a lifestyle blog. I’ve wanted to share a wider array of content here for a while but just felt it might be in dissonance with my current set up. It’s been in my heart to do it anyway, so switch things up, we must. I’m not abandoning what I currently do at all, just expanding . I used to blog about beauty with some lifestyle/travel bits thrown in, a few years ago, during the time I lived in Paris and enjoyed that. My aim is write a blog that comes from an authentic place that’s witty and a little escapist. I’ll never stop reviewing books or putting out my fearless series because I just love doing it, regardless of whether anyone reads it.

Definitely stick around, because it will be awesome and things will get pretty intimate in the next couple of days.I know the Brangelina breakup hit come of us quite hard – I for one was waiting for my adoption papers to come through, because that household desperately needed me in the mix. So come on over to the blog so we lick our wounds of abandonment together. Who know, if it all goes swimmingly i might do Blogmas and blog everyday in December. Considering how i feel about Christmas, its bound to be electrifying. Just sayin’

A démain!


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