3 quick ways to cheer yourself up


We all have those maddening days when everything seems to go completely wrong. Here are a few thing to try that don’t involve stuffing your face with sugary treats while wedged within a thick cloud of duvet, or going on an online shopping rampage while watching fifty episodes of a show where a woman who lives on a strict diet of popcorn and red wine can commit murders and shag people’s husbands  and still somehow manage to be aspirational and fabulous. Piss off, Olivia Pope.

The self destructive wallowing is totally fine to indulge in for a couple of days but only works brilliantly as a long-term strategy…if you want to be happy for a few hours then sadder, fatter and poorer afterwards.Here are my alternative suggestions!

READ – Read something that puts you in a positive frame of mind for example if you keep a gratitude journal or have positive letters/messages from loved ones, re-read those. This is not the time to be reading updates on the current situation in Aleppo -even though the situation in Syria is very important (When you are sad or depressed,it is certainly not the time to start angling to change the world.Change your mood first, sweetheart) Write a list of 50 things you love (can be a mix superficial and meaningful things) and keep a copy of it somewhere to reread when you are down just to remind yourself that there is still so much beauty in the world. If you tend to be very hard on yourself, a suggestion  that I once heard which I think works brilliantly is that anytime you receive an amazing complement, write it down and who said it- i know it seems like a ridiculous level of effort to make but our minds are so powerful at convincing us to focus on negatives and sometimes you need truths to dispel those convictions when they move from destroying your mood to start chipping at your confidence or self-worth.

GIVE – Do something kind for someone else – give someone a genuine compliment (please don’t lie) ,send an email to an old friend thanking them for something you always meant to but never did, visit a friend who is grieving a loss , hug someone who is lonely (please don’t assault anyone and say Saratu sent you. I would have changed my phone number and moved to Buenos Aires by the time you’re calling me testify in court), pray for someone else (this one really works! I used to go on the prayer requests section of bible.com and pray for strangers – nothing is more humbling or will put your own worries into perspective more.)

MOVE – Some kind of physical activity is always a good plan. I recommend exercise because endorphins but if you’re rolling your eyes, i get it. For those who don’t feel like sliding into the lycra and pretending to be an Olympic hopeful when you are sad, I recommend dancing. Dance like a lunatic. Play your favourite feel good song. Mine, rather mortifyingly is J-lo’s ‘feelin so good’ because Jennifer Lopez circa 1999 was everything and I grew up at a time when the name Ja-Rule meant something.

Don’t feel sorry for me…I manage that wonderfully all by myself my darlings.

Have a wonderful weekend!!! :)



2 thoughts on “3 quick ways to cheer yourself up

  1. Lol @ ” please don’t assault anyone and say Saratu sent you.” I can work with these suggestions. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend, too.

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