Current favourite thangs


Ready to share my recent favourites with you guys. Would love to hear yours as well

TV SHOWSAtlanta – this show is so beautifully written, a lot of the  nuances of being a black millenial in America are explored in this hilarious show about two very different men who are cousins trying to break into the music industry and  make a living for themselves. The subtle clever humour in this, is completely up my street. The writing in the show, done by Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino)  is flawless and he plays the role of Earn really well. You might remember him from that one episode of Girls where he plays Hannah/Lena Dunham’s boyfriend/hookup and they have this mind numbingly awkward argument about race. Greenleaf & Queen Sugar get honourable mentions because Oprah’s network has finally gotten it right with exploring black characters that are complex and realistic and aren’t all those wild caricatures Tyler Perry loves to grace our screens with.

POLITICS – The US Presidential debates. I’ve been enjoying following these even though i spend 80% of the time alternating between reeling with anger and asking the same question. How did this man get this far? Americans, HOW? Anyone else looking forward to tonight’s debate? :)

MUSIC -Solange ‘A Seat at the Table’ Wow. First of all, Cranes in the sky might be one of the most beautifully executed music videos I’ve seen this year. I’ve never paid much attention to Solange’s music in the past but this album speaks to me. That’s saying a lot because i’m not usually drawn to similar narratives involving identity,  race, culture, feminism by other creatives, because its often handled in a slightly dodgy way. The album is about the experience of the black woman (through Solange’s eyes ofcourse)and all the layers and mind f**kery that entails from the personal to the political. The writing is also quite good. For example check out this line  ‘But its like cranes in the sky. sometimes I don’t want to feel those metal clouds.’ Gorgeous. The fact that there’s a song in the album titled ‘don’t touch my hair’ which encapsulates the underbelly of micro aggression is pretty sick. One of my favourite songs on the album is ‘Weary’.The general vibe is about being unapologetic for being you  as deep as your identity and as flimsy as your quirks so she uses cultural references without explanations for audiences who won’t get it. I mentioned this in my review of Chiqozie Obioma’s book – The Fishermen. It was a brilliant book but i felt he should have given foreign readers the space to research cultural references and not explained so much. If you’re looking for upbeat music for the dance floor, maybe give this one a pass…

Im sure we’ve all noticed that the Arts -music, literature, film, etc are responding to the times in  which we exist especially  social political climate in the USA

ART EXHIBITION-The ‘Abstract Impressionism’ Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts  in London blew my mind. If you know me well,  you’ll know i’m a sucker for  art exhibitions ever since I was at university and reviewed books, plays and art installations for my university Newspaper – The Epigram (I mostly did it to get free tickets to those events and slide in with my press pass feeling like Isha Sesay) . Anyway, anytime im in london, I catch an exhibition at the Tate Modern because I enjoy contemporary Art. Speaking of art responding to its environment and socio-political climate, the abstract impressionist movement did just that in New York the 1940s with artists like Jackson Pollock. I’m not especially well versed in the art world. My sister is the contemporary art nerd so she helps me out.

BEAUTY – Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. Love it. Im in the shade sandalwood. Expect a Beauty product roundup/edit soon.

COCKTAIL -Negroni. I’m a G&T girl when i’m not being a red wine girl, and yes I grin foolishly when Amy Winehouse sings that line about Tanqueray in her song ‘You know i’m no good’. Bite me. Anyway, gin-based Negroni is my tipple of choice when i’m out for drinks.


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