Current top 10 favourite lipsticks

IMG_2920.jpgI am a bit of a lipstick hoarder and my preference is a matte or semi-matte lip. Here are some of my most worn lipsticks.For reference i’m NC50 in Mac so you get an idea of my skintone and what shades work well against it.

Mac lipstick ‘Diva’ – my favourite dark red/burgundy lipstick that looks stunning on dark skin. I think its really underrated.

MAC lipstick ‘Riri Woo’ – this is virtually identical to the well known Ruby woo and came out in a collection that Mac collaborated with Rihanna on. It is extremely matte but if you can bear it, is one of the most stunning red lips ever.Its one of those that no dupe really steps up to. I often mix it with Mac’s diva lipstick and that combination is stunning.

MAC lipstick ‘Stone’ -This is a tricky one to work with, being a murky brown with a bit of a grey undertone but i love it paired with Mac’s ‘plum’ lipliner for that trendy 90s lip

RIMMEL ‘Vintage Pink’– this is the perfect soft pink for darker skin tones. You can whack it on without a mirror or blending it with a lipliner to make it work. its more affordable price tag is certainly a plus!

Mac lipstick ‘Whirl’– This is rosy pink brown is hands down the perfect ‘my lips but better’ nude shade for my skintone.

CHANEL L’adorée – this is a soft plum/mauve thats moisturising and subtle.A great everyday or work colour.

MAC ‘Velvet teddy’-a great nude lip when paired with a brown lip liner line Mac chestnut or Rimmel ‘cappuccino’

Mac lipstick ‘Verve’ – I consider this my ‘professional lip’. Its that rose/brown/plum shade that makes you look put together without drawing any attention to your makeup that does well in professional environments.

Tarte tartiest lip paint ‘#Tbt’ – a very pretty rosy liquid lipstick.

Kat von D ‘Lolita’- this extremely popular liquid lipstick is really beautiful especially with Mac ‘chestnut’ lipliner.


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