FAVOURITES| Mes favoris du mois d’Octobre 2013

7 favourite things last month. Sorry its a wee bit late, I’ve only just had one of the worst weeks of my life. Don’t throw me a pity party, just ┬átell me what your favourite things were last month so I can hate you so much I eat my own arm. BOOK- ‘The Lowland’ Jhumpa… Continue reading FAVOURITES| Mes favoris du mois d’Octobre 2013


Puddles and Nina Simone

During my uni days at Bristol a friend relayed to me, something she’d seen.You see, Bristol is a very hilly city. Its like a watered down version of Athens,Greece in that respect just less vertical and without thousand year old ruins punctuating the city. She’d been walking up a hilly street and seen two OAPs… Continue reading Puddles and Nina Simone